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Richael joins The Stream Podcast with Will & Tom

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Richael Young, co-founder and CEO of Mammoth Water joins William Sarni and Tom Freyberg on The Stream Podcast to discuss the need for disruption in agricultural water management in the…

Leveraging Data Science for Water & Ag on FLOW

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Mammoth Water CEO Richael Young joins other innovators in the water industry on FLOW's webinar to discuss how to leverage data science to improve outcomes in water and agriculture. Watch…

Trade-offs of groundwater allocation designs

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Mammoth Water CEO Richael Young and Professor Al Valocchi posed for the water policy paparazzi after sharing their work (with co-authors Tim Foster, Taro Mieno, and Mammoth Water co-founder Nick…

Techstars Demo Day

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Agricultural water is our collective lifeblood, growing our food, fuel, and fiber. And it's increasingly at risk as a result of unsustainable use, climate change, and new regulations. We desperately…

Getting your feet wet with markets

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Greetings, fellow Mammoths. Richael here. I recently had the honor of being a guest on Nori's Reversing Climate Change podcast. You haven't heard of Nori? You're kidding. Nori is a…

Techstars Sustainability Accelerator

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Mammoth Trading accepted into prestigious Techstars Sustainability Accelerator in Partnership with the Nature Conservancy Monday, July 29, 2019 Denver, CO—Mammoth Trading PBC is one of ten companies invited to participate…

Report sheds light on complexities of agricultural water transfers

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A new report co-produced by the Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute (DWFI) and Mammoth Trading offers insight into the use of water transfers as a way to reduce water…

Groundwater trading for California

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About the report Groundwater was the primary lifeline for Californians during the State's recent drought. When surface water resources in rivers, canals, and reservoirs dwindled, groundwater filled the gap. However, unregulated…

The Secret Life of Groundwater

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Did you know that we know more about the surface of Mars than we do about water use in our country? It's nuts, and I was shocked too when my…

Are markets an easy solution for California’s groundwater problems?

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By Nell Green Nylen and Michael Kiparsky It has become popular to lament how slowly California is embracing water markets. Proponents’ rhetoric can paint markets as an unambiguously better, or…

In the news: A little lesson on water markets

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Following the 2017 Water for Food Global Conference, Mammoth Trading president and co-founder Richael Young sat down with Jamie Johansen of AgWired, a news organization specializing in agribusiness. Richael and Jamie discussed…

California Water Policy Challenge Finalist

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Policy barriers to data deployment Mammoth Trading, in partnership with the Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute, the Environmental Defense Fund, and Smart Water Metering is honored to be a finalist in…

In the news: How water swaps help the West manage a precious resource

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Water markets have the potential to improve farm incomes, the flows in our streams, and our ability to manage water flexibly. They generate new revenue streams and incentives for water…

Year in review

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Mammoth Trading has had an exciting and busy year! In 2016, cofounder and president Richael Young took the plunge and began full-time work at Mammoth. We relocated upstream to Denver, Colorado to…

In the news: ‘Smart’ water markets take local regulations into account

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Markets monetize water rights and create new incentives to conserve. As producers becoming increasingly efficient with their water resources, we're developing tools that help their bottom line. Our thanks to…

Trade water with us at World Water Week

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Mammoth Trading, in partnership with the Water for Food Global Institute and The Rockefeller Foundation, is hosting a live demonstration on water markets at the 2016 World Water Week. Participants…

We’ve migrated!

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We've moved (but just upstream)! Mammoth Trading is now based in Denver, Colorado. We are grateful to our friends and colleagues in Lincoln, Nebraska who supported us the last two years.

White House Water Summit

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Richael Young, Mammoth Trading President & Cofounder, outside of the White House on World Water Day Mammoth Trading president and cofounder Richael Young was among a select number of individuals…

Participating in the White House Water Summit

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On World Water Day, March 22, the Obama administration is hosting the first-ever White House Water Summit. Approximately 150 top water leaders will discuss drought, management, and innovative technologies to…

Why markets fail: Part II

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People often misunderstand how markets work—and why they fail. As our team has gone around the world to learn about them, two primary, and underappreciated, issues emerge. In this two-part…

Why markets fail: Part I

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People often misunderstand how markets work—and why they fail. As our team has gone around the world to learn about them, two primary, and underappreciated, issues emerge. In this two-part…

Three rules of water markets: Local, local, local

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Our team wrote a letter to the editor in response to Scott Moore’s Op-Ed, “Water Pricing, Not Engineering, Will Ease Looming Water Shortages.” While it didn’t get published in the…

California groundwater

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In response to California’s enduring drought and groundwater management crisis, cofounder Nick Brozović had a few words.   To the Editor: Re “Watering California’s Farms” (editorial, April 5): California is…

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