Water management at your fingertips.

Water management at your fingertips.



Allocation tracking, regulatory reporting, and performance insights, all with the tap of a button. TAPP H2O helps growers manage their irrigation and understand the value of their water.


Fair and hassle-free water trading. Our cutting-edge smart markets increase access and equity, reduce transaction costs of water transfers, and use fair and confidential price discovery.


We train, teach, and consult with water managers, growers, and other industry professionals on water governance and market design. How deep you want to dive is up to you.

Water management,


Save time and money with one-touch water tracking. TAPP H2O’s water monitoring helps you save energy costs, prevent allocation overages, and diagnose pump and pivot malfunctions.


Peer benchmarking and water performance metrics are automated to drive stewardship and conservation goals for growers, water managers, and corporations alike.


Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, water trading has never been simpler. Our smart markets consider price points and basin-specific regulations to find you the best match.

regulatory compliance

From water use reports to water trades, we’ll handle the paperwork for you, saving you time and keeping you compliant with water regulations.

How we can help…


Ditch the field notebook! Modernize your water tracking process with TAPP H2O.

TAPP H2O is proven to reduce the amount of time you spend managing water allocations and compliance paperwork. It’s helped growers like you gain an accurate, on-demand picture of water usage. Plus, get meter malfunction alerts and track key water performance indicators. With TAPP H2O, you’ll increase the value and longevity of your business’ most important asset: water.

Water Managers

TAPP H2O Enterprise is a one-stop shop for district employees to collect field data, manage complex water data, and track compliance.

Reduce those paper records and the hours of data entry. We’ll help digitize your workflow from the start, reducing the time and errors in building your organization’s database. Turn this database into a workhorse for you: track program performance, regulatory compliance, and submit regulatory reporting seamlessly.


Water is a central input to your business, and it should be treated like one.

Monitor your progress against corporate sustainability metrics, flag performance gaps, detect water risks in your supply chain, and identify low-hanging fruit for improvement. We’ll work with you to recruit and enroll growers in your supply chain so that you can incentivize and catalyze water savings from the ground up. It’s not just good marketing. It’s good business.

How it works:

Monitor water use, benchmark irrigation performance, submit regulatory documentation, and trade allocations–all with the tap of a button.

Open the app
Snap a photo
We automate the rest

Leverage insights, improve efficiency.

See how much water has been used and what’s left
Receive alerts with options to trade water on our trading platform
Leverage water performance insights to save water and money

The best solution for water management

The only solution that automatically files water use reports, water transfer or trading documentation, and compliance paperwork.

Built for growers, approved by regulators
Engage with water data, save energy costs, prevent allocation overages, and diagnose equipment malfunctions
Use with any meter, any time, all with the tap of a button

Our customers love us.

"Tools like this cement our partnerships with landowners, providing them with crucial data about their water use to aid in their managing under our regulations."

John Berge, General Manager, NPNRD

"This is exactly the kind of tool I need to track my irrigation better."

Brad, Nebraska corn producer

By The Numbers


Subscriptions to TAPP H2O on 60,000 irrigated acres


Irrigated acres covered under our hassle-free smart markets


Professionals trained on water markets at 40+ interactive workshops

Team Perspectives

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