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TAPP H2O Enterprise is fully customizable groundwater management software that helps districts collect and manage data, monitor allocations, and ensure compliance.

We built our groundwater accounting software with you in mind. We know your staff are regularly out in the field, collecting data and responding to requests. You inform and assist your board as they make tough decisions about new programs and regulations. You distill what the data and science are telling you. TAPP H2O can help you with that. Our customizable groundwater management software helps water districts collect and manage data, monitor allocations and compliance, and track program performance.

TAPP H2O Enterprise is the premiere groundwater management software.  From data collection to accounting and analytics, TAPP H2O Enterprise has your data workflow covered.

  • Collect data securely and digitally on a mobile app that syncs with the web-based dashboard back in the office.
  • Store your data safely on the cloud. No more clunky spreadsheets!
  • Manage complex allocations seamlessly. Track credits and debits of single- and/or multi-year allocations, carryover, borrowing, penalties, pooling, transfers, and more.
  • No more cross-referencing across spreadsheets. Complex relationships between people, wells, meters, water rights, field data, and more are stored in a robust relational database.
  • Visualize regulatory compliance. Identify hot spots of overuse. Rapidly detect and correct potential noncompliance. Monitor program performance (e.g. recharge, technology cost share, or allocation buybacks).

TAPP H2O Enterprise can be combined with TAPP H2O for Growers, giving your landowners more access to their data. This combo unlocks:

  • Mobile and web-based self-reporting by landowners, where required.
  • Better data engagement, leading to improved awareness and water conservation.
  • Improved trust in the water governance process.
  • Learn more about TAPP H2O for Growers.

Our customers love us.

"Producers in GMD4 are required to check their meters no less than once every two weeks during the irrigation season and keep a log in case the meter malfunctions. TAPP H2O enables them to do that with no effort and sends alerts if the meter is not working. It also shows when a producer is close to exceeding their water limitations to avoid hefty penalties. They've helped correct water use reporting errors as well. TAPP H2O stood out from other options: it's low-cost and had all the features we needed. Customer service is speedy and a joy to work with. They are constantly seeking ways to improve their product. The producers that use it absolutely love it! "

Shannon Kenyon, General Manager, Northwest Kansas Groundwater Management District #4 (GMD4)

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