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We catalyze performance-based water management through technology, education, and policy advising.

Mammoth Water, a public benefit corporation, has led the development and implementation of the world’s most advanced surface and groundwater markets in the world – called smart markets. The rollout of Mammoth Water’s smart markets over 500K irrigated acres has reduced search and transaction costs of water trading for thousands of America’s food producers. We increase the value of water and make water trading more affordable, accessible, and equitable.

In addition to being leading experts in water markets, Mammoth Water’s team has expertise in water governance and policy, water science, and incentive-based water management. Our team is passionate about developing grower-focused technologies that achieve regulatory compliance and conservation goals, with experience across the western United States – including California, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Washington, and Wyoming.


At Mammoth Water, we’re driven by stewardship, ensuring that our precious water resources are available to support the lives and livelihoods of our children, grandchildren, and generations to come.


We build software that helps agricultural producers—the primary stewards of water—track, trade, and report water use efficiently. We further help water managers and corporations incentivize conservation, monitor program performance, and boost results.


We start with domain expertise in water management and agricultural economics. Next, we add expert listening to understand your specific needs and goals. Then we develop smarter, simpler technology solutions to supercharge your work.

Our team has decades of experience in agricultural water management.

Richael Young

Cofounder + CEO

Richael specializes in water valuation, risk, strategy, and market design. As an economist, engineer, and entrepreneur, she brings together complementary skillsets for water resources management and policy. She creates tailored and cost-effective solutions to pressing water security problems that achieve local economic and environmental goals.

In 2014, Richael cofounded Mammoth Water, where she serves as CEO. In this capacity, she led the development and implementation of the first smart markets, or algorithmic clearinghouses, for surface water and groundwater in the world. Richael has presented her work at the first-ever White House Water Summit, at World Water Week in Stockholm, and at the Imagine H2O Water Policy Challenge.

Richael holds a B.S. in civil engineering and M.S. degrees in agricultural economics and environmental engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Nick Brozović

Cofounder + Scientific Advisor

As a resource economist, Nick has spent many years learning about water and how it’s managed all around the world. Mammoth Water grew out of his desire to take his basic research results and make them directly useful for people whose livelihoods depend on water. Nick used to be a geologist, and he still enjoys getting his hands dirty in the field.

In addition to his role at Mammoth Water, Nick is the Director of Policy at the Robert B. Daugherty Water for Food Institute at the University of Nebraska, as well as an associate professor of agricultural economics.

Nick holds a bachelor’s in geology from Oxford University, a master’s in geology from the University of Southern California, and a master’s and Ph.D. in agricultural and resource economics from the University of California-Berkeley.

Sandy Gauthier


Sandy has worked across the finance and real estate sectors for over 30 years. She is a serial entrepreneur, having started and grown several of her own businesses. Sandy brings expertise in accounting, taxation, and real estate to Mammoth Water and has served as CFO since 2019.
Leslie Sanchez



Jed Taylor

University of Illinois

Karina Schnoengold

University of Nebraska

Yusuke Kuwayama

Resources for the Future

Evan Hung

Echo Group

We’re grateful to these organizations for their help in accelerating our company.

Mammoth Water is a Techstars-backed company in partnership with The Nature Conservancy. Our company is based on research funded by the National Science Foundation, US Department of Agriculture, and the University of Illinois.

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We have also presented our work at the White House Water Summit, SIWI World Water Week, The World Bank, and Imagine H2O.

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