We are delighted to announce that Mammoth Water was acquired by ERA Economics, and join a team that ours at Mammoth has long admired. The acquisition emerged organically out of cooperative work on a range of joint projects. When the opportunity to formally merge forces emerged in late 2021, we both jumped at the opportunity.

Mammoth Water was founded to develop smarter, simpler ways to track and trade water. Our founders, Nick Brozović and Richael Young, identified key ways in which customizable technology solutions could help agricultural producers manage water more efficiently. At Mammoth, we launched the first smart markets, or electronic clearinghouses, to match eligible buyers and sellers of surface water groundwater. We also brought to market TAPP H2O, a mobile and web app and cloud-based software that helps farmers manage their water use relative to their water rights.

ERA Economics specializes in the economics of water and agriculture. ERA is at the forefront of advancing data-driven water and agricultural policy. They combine rigorous economic modeling with decades’ worth of practical experience to help their clients understand how regulatory changes and industry shocks impact agribusiness. ERA Economics helps agricultural lenders understand sources and magnitudes of water risk in their portfolio. They further help agricultural associations project how new regulations impact production costs, total supply, and commodity prices. ERA Economics also supports a range of clients with expert testimony, water valuations, and cost-effective policy design. 

More important than ERA Economics’ technical abilities, their team shares the same core values as ours at Mammoth Water: a commitment to protecting our natural resources and improving the agricultural economy’s resilience to drought and water scarcity, new environmental and water regulations, and uncertainties from a changing climate. Our firms further align on a commitment to excellence and trustworthiness in our work products.

We are excited about our future ahead with ERA Economics. We continue to serve our TAPP H2O customers and to develop innovative products that serve the water and agricultural industries. We know that the merging of our teams will create an outsized impact in our ability to deliver high quality products and services. We are currently underway with several new endeavors; please stay tuned by subscribing to ERA Economics’ newsletter.