Why Farmers Need Agricultural Water Accounting

Accurate water accounting is now essential for agribusinesses in the U.S. West. Growers are facing tighter water allocations as a result of drought and new regulations. That’s making it tougher for you to comply with your water rights and allocations. We know, because we’ve seen it. We’ve seen your field notebooks, the meter photos on your smart phone, the spreadsheets in your offices. We’re here to simplify your water accounting.

TAPP H2O: Water accounting software built for farmers.

TAPP H2O is your one-stop shop for water accounting. Simply download TAPP H2O on your mobile device, take a photo of your meters, and we automate the rest.

We show you how much water you’ve used relative to your water rights. Whether you have single-year allocations, multi-year allocations, or both, we have you covered. We track the complexity of your water rights in the background so that you have more time to do what you love: farming. Consider us your water accountants.

Water accounting, beautified.

  • Visualize regulatory compliance. Track water rights and allocations, preventing overages. Monitor meter malfunctions. Your customized dashboard shows you the important information at-a-glance.
  • Manage complex allocations seamlessly. Track credits and debits of single- and/or multi-year allocations, carryover, borrowing, penalties, pooling, transfers, and more.
  • Collect data securely and digitally on a mobile app that syncs with the web-based dashboard back in the office.
  • Multiple-user functionality included: add your staff easily.
  • Store your data safely on the cloud. No more notebooks or clunky spreadsheets!

Our customers love us.

"Sign up for TAPP H2O! It's simple and easy to use and will make you way more aware of your water use than you ever have been. Mammoth Water is very hands-on. They're willing to improve the product and make sure it is providing customers with everything they need. TAPP H2O quickly catches when meters go down. All our employees can use it. The app is very user friendly and the support from the TAPP Team is great. They are updating TAPP H2O and improving the dashboard constantly. Our district board has been looking for any and all ways to help our growers record water data and become more aware of their water meters. TAPP H2O was a no-brainer."

Brent Rogers, Kansas producer + GMD4 board member

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