The smarter, simpler way to track and trade water

The smarter, simpler way to track and trade water

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Track irrigation use, trade allocations, and submit regulatory documentation — all with the tap of a button.

Water Managers

Collect and manage water use data efficiently and consistently while tracking performance and conservation goals.


Incentivize, document, and reward water-efficient suppliers. Analyze water use data and monitor sustainability goals.

Why We Exist

Agricultural water is our collective lifeblood, growing our food, fuel, and fibers.

At Mammoth Water, we’re driven by stewardship, ensuring that our precious water resources are available to support the lives and livelihoods of our children, grandchildren, and generations to come.

Water scarcity affects us all.

Drought and depleting water resources threaten agriculture, which grows the food we eat and clothes we wear. It’s not just agricultural and rural livelihoods at stake — it is all of our livelihoods.

We can’t manage what we don’t measure.

We know more about the surface of Mars than we do about water use in our country. We need to do better. Just like we monitor credits and debits to our bank accounts, we need to enable smart, simple monitoring of water use.

Better management must be performance-driven.

We need to manage our water assets the way we do other business assets: tracking use and optimizing performance.


Measure smarter.
Manage better.


Measure smarter.
Manage better.

Team Perspectives

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