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Water is a vital input to agricultural production and rural economic activity throughout the American West. However, drought and over-appropriation have strained aquifers, requiring new regulations that place significant economic burdens on water users, managers, and taxpayers alike.

Today’s Water Managers are understaffed and overburdened with challenges that exceed the human resources available. Collecting and maintaining large volumes of water use data, ensuring regulatory compliance, and scaling conservation efforts take enormous time and people to execute.

The right solution for Water Managers will empower stewardship and management. It needs to be about decentralizing management, implementing low-cost tools to collect water use data, and consistently tracking compliance and progress toward conservation goals. 

TAPP H2O is the solution.

TAPP H2O is the smarter and simpler way to manage water. It is a trusted, consistent, and verifiable platform to collect users’ self-reported water data, all of which are time- and location-stamped to prevent tampering. TAPP H2O’s self-reported meter readings lower agency costs of data collection by 75%.

By enabling better water use tracking, TAPP H2O further improves stewardship and regulatory compliance. Our platform helps users easily track and manage their water allocations to prevent overages. In 2019, TAPP H2O’s users boasted a 99% compliance rate.

Mammoth Water’s TAPP H2O further tracks progress towards management goals. TAPP H2O helps water managers identify hot spots of overuse, rapidly detect and correct meter malfunctions, and cost-effectively scale conservation efforts, such as technology cost-share, recharge, or allocation buyback programs.

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