How We Work with Growers

Water is an essential business asset to growers, growing our food, fuel, and fibers. But American agriculture is at risk due to over-appropriation, drought, and tightening regulations that create uncertainty and water-related production risk. We need to do more to manage this critical asset.

Growers may not control the weather but they can control stewardship of this precious resource. In order to keep American agriculture high-quality, productive, and reliable, we need to equip growers with tools that help them manage water like the business asset it is.

Mammoth Water’s TAPP H2O is a smart tool for growers that makes it easy to manage water use and allocations. It puts the power of water management in the grower’s hands and reduces the paperwork needed to keep up with regulations and reporting.

TAPP H2O enables comprehensive water management for the farm, designed with growers in mind:

  • Monitor credits and debits of water
  • Track water use within complex allocation accounting, such as multi-year periods, carryover, and pooling
  • Benchmark water use efficiency
  • Monitor the performance, value, and cost of water
  • Diagnose pump and equipment malfunctions
  • File water reports painlessly
  • Buy, sell, or lease water where allowed

Elevate how you manage your water resources and assets. Join America’s most water-savvy producers by enrolling in TAPP H2O today.

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