Surface water and groundwater are increasingly coming under regulation, burdening public agencies, water users, and taxpayers alike. Water agencies struggle to collect and manage water data, which are expensive and time-consuming tasks. Similarly, water users struggle to keep track of how much water they’ve used or to have a real sense of how efficient they are.

No more. With Mammoth Water’s mobile app and cloud analytics platform, TAPP H2O, irrigators and their water agencies can generate on-demand water use reports. TAPP H2O provides actionable water insights and an easy framework to submit regulatory documentation and quantify water savings.

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Across the American West, communities are grappling with water shortage, drought, and the effects of climate change. Water markets can help to reallocate water to where it’s most needed. But water markets can be complicated, with lots of red tape and technical rules that most people don’t have time to deal with. It can be difficult to identify an interested party, navigate those legal rapids, and negotiate a price.

That’s where we come in. Mammoth Water develops state-of-the-art “smart markets”, or electronic clearinghouses, to streamline the process. Our smart markets are hubs for water trading, giving you access to many more buyers or sellers than you would otherwise. We automate regulatory compliance and use a fair price discovery process, all in an effort to lower costs to you and make the marketplace more accessible, affordable, and equitable.

Our smart water markets are the first and only active such systems in the world—you’ve come to the right place. If you’re interested in deploying a smart market in your area, please get in touch. We’re here to help.

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There are many misunderstandings about water markets, how they’re structured, and how they work in practice. Our years of operating the most advanced water markets in the world have given us the unique skillset to equip others in successful market design–and teach how to lead the pack in the industry. Our seminars, workshops, and interactive demonstrations train you in incentive-based water policy, including:

  • The value of water
  • Allocation design
  • Trading rule design
  • Market structures
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Tracking economic and environmental outcomes

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