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Agricultural production throughout the American West would not exist without water. However, drought and over-appropriation have strained surface water and groundwater resources, creating uncertainty and water-related production risk that threaten supply chains. You need a solution that gives your corporation insights to water risk and tracks performance towards sustainability goals.

Corporations today need to document water efficiency for increasingly conscious consumers. You need to identify and mitigate water risks to reduce ripple effects to your supply chain. Still, you don’t have the resources – human, technical, or financial – to do this on your own and stay focused on what you do best.

Mammoth Water uses real field-level water use data from participating growers, so you can measure and save water from the ground up.

TAPP H2O enables scalable stewardship programs that:

  • Monitor progress towards corporate sustainability metrics
  • Flag performance gaps with strategies for improvement
  • Detect water risks to supply chains
  • Identify cost-effective risk mitigation strategies
  • Curate and process consistent, reliable, and verifiable water use data
  • Incentivize, document, and reward water savings and water-efficient practices

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